If you speak German, my name is Almud. If you don’t, you may and should call me Ally! I live in Vienna, Austria, a very beautiful and interesting city… and big enough to have gaming events/cons etc., but nowhere near enough for my taste.  ;-)

I am currently looking for a job in online or social media marketing in Vienna – please do contact me if you know of a vacancy in the field.

This site hosts my blog, mostly in English on gender issues in games or other geek stuff. I play a lot of games – RPGs, adventures, simulations, more rarely strategy and shooters, and this is my prime source for posts. I can’t really help but pay attention to how gender issues are handled in games, so many posts will be about game heroines, portrayal of females in games, or women in the gaming industry.

I have just completed my Master thesis in Crossmedia Design and Development, which deals with aesthetic, immersive and transmedia potentials of different gaming platforms – see this post for some of the results.

I am always looking for comments, game or resource recommendations, feedback – can be praise or criticism – from both male and female players. Don’t apply the negative stereotype of the “humorless feminist” to me… I am quite easy-going about it all.  :)

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